Notification of the 51st Amendment to the IFRA Standards

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July 5, 2023

The new Amendment to the IFRA Standards has been produced by IFRA.  This amendment is the 51st to be prepared by IFRA in its 50 years of existence. 

The IFRA Standards provide a foundation for the prudent and risk-free utilization of fragrances in consumer goods. They are required to be followed by IFRA members and are the result of research that has been assessed by peers and a risk assessment.

The timeline for the implementation was provided as part of the letter that marked the end of the consultation process and was sent out on April 19, 2023. As was noted above, certain final clarifications on components of the 51st, notably relevant to input received during the Consultation, were waiting, and these were confirmed right before the Notification was sent out. This was done so that decisions could be made based on the most recent evidence available, which included recommendations from the RIFM and the Expert Panel on Fragrance Safety.

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