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South Korea Cosmetics Regulations - Overview

Unlock the potential of South Korea's vibrant cosmetic market with Freyr's unparalleled Regulatory services. Renowned for innovation, the Korean beauty industry presents immense opportunities amidst global economic fluctuations. Navigating the Ministry of Food and Drug Safety's (MFDS) - South Korea regulations is essential for market breakthroughs.

The MFDS South Korea classifies beauty products into three (03) categories:

  1. General Cosmetics
  2. Functional Cosmetics
  3. Quasi-drugs

Additionally, it is mandatory for all domestic and foreign cosmetic products to label the packages in the Korean language as per the Korean Cosmetic Products Act (KCPA), 2000. According to the Korean Cosmetics Act, quality testing must be conducted by lot/batch. However, the testing required for products differs based on the category of the cosmetic product.

With proven expertise, Freyr assists cosmetics manufacturers to navigate the Regulatory landscape of South Korea. Freyr is specialized in providing Regulatory support right from strategy to submissions to the lifecycle of a product.

How can Freyr help?

Freyr Advantages


Cosmetic Product Registration in South Korea - Freyr Advantages


End-to-end cosmetic Regulatory consultation.


A qualified team of experts with profound knowledge of the South Korean cosmetics market.


Expertise in decoding cosmetic product classification as per the MFDS South Korea guidelines.


Assistance with documentation compilation and pre-market approval with the MFDS South Korea.


Expertise in providing Regulatory support for all classes of cosmetic products, i.e., General Cosmetics, Functional Cosmetics, and Quasi-Drugs.


Cost-effective services with quick turnaround and faster time-to-market.