Cosmetics Regulatory Services

Cosmetics Regulatory services are the need of the hour as the cosmetics and personal care industry is constantly driven by the evolving Regulatory landscape. The industry is segmented into several categories in different regions such as general cosmetics, functional cosmetics, quasi-drugs, grade-I and grade-II cosmetics, medicated cosmetics, Controlled cosmetics (CC), Specially Controlled Cosmetics (SCC), OTC, low/high-risk products, and so on.

The cosmetic industry is also constantly challenged to develop and release innovative cosmetic products while making sure that the products not only meet the consumers’ requirements but are also compliant with various cosmetic safety regulations to enter global markets like the European Union (EU) regulation EC1223/2009, USFDA (21 CFR part 700), the ASEAN Cosmetic Directive, the Health Canada Regulation, NICNAS (AICS), Food and Drugs Act, etc.

Freyr, as a cosmetic Regulatory consultant, has expertise in providing end-to-end cosmetics Regulatory services such as cosmetic labeling regulations, packaging regulations, safety regulations, etc. Partnering with Freyr enables companies and brands to streamline the Regulatory compliance process with a structured approach, which is cost-effective and speeds up market entry. Freyr also offers a comprehensive range of Regulatory services for cosmetic and personal care companies to ensure their products meet the latest cosmetic safety regulations.

End-to-End Cosmetics Regulatory Consultant


With regional offices in Europe and North America as well as in the MENA and APAC nations plus a vast partner network spanning 120 countries, Freyr is uniquely positioned as a cosmetic Regulatory consultant to support requirements for beauty and personal care products and to ensure quality, safety, efficacy, and Regulatory compliance globally. We help manufacturers, distributors, and marketers of cosmetics- finished products and raw materials worldwide in various areas of cosmetics Regulatory services such as: