A CSR Self-Diagnosis Tool for SMEs/VSEs

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January 15, 2024

The purpose of FEBEA (Federation of Beauty Companies) and Citeo in relation to the news is to support and promote sustainable practices in the cosmetics sector. FEBEA offers a CSR selfdiagnosis tool for SMEs/VSEs in the sector, which helps evaluate company practices and develop a concrete action plan around four themes: the offer, the site, the teams, and the societal impact. This tool aims to improve the overall CSR strategy of cosmetic companies and provide personalized action sheets with recommendations, tools, solutions, and financial assistance associated with the regulatory context. In addition, FEBEA and Citeo have collaborated on initiatives to reduce the environmental footprint of the cosmetics sector. They have launched the “Commit for our planet” European initiative, which focuses on reducing the environmental impact of the cosmetics industry. Additionally, they presented the Plastic Act, an action plan that aims to reduce the plastic footprint of the cosmetics sector. These initiatives demonstrate their commitment to addressing environmental concerns and promoting sustainability within the industry

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