Brexit and Cosmetics Regulations: What are the Changes?

Brexit and Cosmetics Regulations: What are the Changes?

Brexit has brought about significant changes in the EU and the UK in terms of regulations affiliated with cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, personal care products and medical devices. The UK decided to leave the EU in 2016 and officially left the trading bloc on Jan 31, 2020. Both countries decided to keep a few things unaltered until Dec 31, 2020.

Significant Changes taken place in the Cosmetics Industry in the UK 2021

Some significant changes have taken place in the UK post-Brexit, which are listed below.

Responsible Person (RP)

  • An RP should be established in the UK to place the cosmetic products in Great Britain (GB). The same applies to a Northern Ireland business.
  • If the RP placing the cosmetic product on the Northern Ireland market is based within European Economic Area, then the product should be placed on the GB market.

Product Labeling- Responsible Person (RP)

  • Cosmetic products which are being placed on the GB market should be labeled with the name and address of a UK Responsible Person (UKRP).
  • A transitional arrangement is approved until Dec 31, 2022, which states that the name and address requirements are considered satisfactory only when they are compliant with the requirements mentioned in article 19 (1) (2) of the European Cosmetics Regulation 1223/2009. The name of the RP is only valid throughout the transitional period mentioned above.
  • Cosmetics placed on the Northern Ireland market must be labeled with the name and address of a Northern Ireland or Europe-based Responsible Person.

Product Labeling - Country of Origin

  • All imported cosmetics should have the country’s origin mentioned on the label. If the products are imported from the EU, then one should mention the country’s origin, and also the “Made in EU’ tag on the label will not be acceptable by the HA.


  • The UK government’s Submit Cosmetic Product Notification Portal (SCPN) is designed to notify cosmetic products. The SCPN service has been in full effect from Jan 01, 2021. All products to be placed on the GB market should be notified to SCPN before placing them on the market.
  • Cosmetic products, which continue to be marketed in the UK from Jan 1, 2021, are mandated to be re-notified within 90 days before the transition period expires.

Aim for Compliance in Every Step

Cosmetics, personal care items or household products need to be safe and effective. Cosmetic manufacturers, distributors and importers are required to ensure a secure market entry by following the best compliance practices. Hence, keep abreast with the post-Brexit regulations and mandates to successfully launch your cosmetics in the UK and EU markets. Reach out to Freyr for proven Regulatory, regional expertise.