The Freyr Experience


The client is one of the leading American brands of high-end cosmeceuticals. Well established in the USA, they wanted to build up their market presence in the EU, the UK, Canada, and India.

...the client was faced with a choice, whether to establish a team that will cover three distinct foreign Regulatory environments or to outsource the task to people with a proven experience of these environments...

The comfort of certainty that comes with acquiring services of local experts was the winning factor and hence a business relationship commenced with Freyr. Over the last three years, we helped the client launch 58 of their products in the markets we take care of.


Regulatory Intelligence

Our client receives quarterly updates of Regulatory changes in their markets of interest. Our reports cover the prospective future changes as they are announced by the authorities to allow effective planning. Our goal is to minimize the need for remediate action where a legacy product might suddenly become non-compliant should awareness of incoming changes was not raised soon enough.

Formulation Advice

Each original formula used in America undergoes a formulation review to meet the standards of a new export market. It is done in a timely manner to allow for adjustments before the export batches are manufactured (although ideally prevented altogether thanks to our Regulatory intelligence service).

Some among our team are not only Regulatory experts but also trained cosmetic formulators, who analyzed the formula and suggested realistic solutions to each challenge that is encountered.

End-to-end Notification in Europe

The European safety assessment process for cosmetics is often perceived as one of the toughest Regulatory environments for cosmetics across the globe. We provided guidance to all our clients along the way and pretty soon they found that it is in fact a very well thought through and organized system.

Freyr had written the CPSRs, compiled the PIFs and done CPNP notifications for 58 products of this client and it has become a standard procedure for the client.

Responsible Person EU/UK

With offices near Frankfurt, Germany and Maidenhead, UK, we provided our client with RP coverage for both the EU and the UK.

Artwork Regulatory Revamp

For each product that is scheduled for export, our artwork team received the original projects for all labeling and cartons. We have remade all the artwork from a Regulatory point of view of the EU/UK, Canada and India without losing the original design and the marketing impact of the brand.

We are happy to be that someone for this client and delighted to serve them with a greater pride for their compliant EU, UK, Canada and the Indian market entry.