Notice of Partial Revision to Enforcement Regulations of the Cosmetics Act

News Date
January 31, 2024

The Ministry of Food and Drug Safety has issued a partial revision decree for the Cosmetics Act, aiming to improve the system by removing documents that can be verified through joint use of administrative information when applying for a change in cosmetics and simplifying the procedure for closing a business under the Cosmetics Act when reporting a business closure under the Value Added Tax Act. The main content of the revised decree includes the removal of the certificate of family relationship from the list of documents to be submitted for registration of changes in the cosmetics manufacturing industry, the establishment of a procedure for reporting non-participation in the relevant work of responsible sales managers and customized cosmetics dispensing managers, the establishment of 'full' age regulations and clarification of the reporting agency for cosmetics import performance, the simplification of the procedure for reporting business closure and the establishment of procedures for canceling authority. The amendment also improves specifications such as small-capacity packaging, strengthens the obligation to provide accurate information to the user, and supplements the relevant articles so that the types of certifications that can be advertised in cosmetics can be operated autonomously in the private sector.

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