Malaysia government revised Guideline for control of Cosmetic Products

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January 19, 2024

On January 19, 2023, The National Pharmaceutical Regulatory Division, Ministry of Health Malaysia released the revised Guideline for control of Cosmetic Products.

Following are the amendments made in accordance to ASEAN Cosmetic Directive:
1) Annexure II ( List of prohibited substances) - 
- Notified cosmetic products containing the following ingredients shall not be placed on the market from the date of publication of the circular:  Mercury, DEET
- 14 Prohibited substances are in Annex A as per Annex II(EU2022/1531) and will be allowed on the market till 15 November 2024

2) Annexure III (List of Restricted Substances)-
- 5 substances are revised in Appendix B

3) Annexure IV (List of colouring agents)-
- CI45430 is updated in Annex VI as in Annexure C

4) Annexure VI (List of Preservatives)-
- Methenamine 3- chloroallylochloride is removed from Annex VI

5) Annexure VII (List of UV Filters)- 
- Benzophenone-3 is updated in Annex VII with the specified conditions.
- Notified cosmetic products that do not comply with the new conditions may only be placed on the market till 15 November 2026.
- Two Piperazine derivatives are included in Annex VII with specified conditions and can be used as UV filter material.

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