Cosmetics Regulatory Services in Vietnam

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Cosmetics play an important role in enhancing one’s inherent beauty and physical features. The increase in consciousness regarding personal appearance among individuals is driving the growth of Cosmetic Industry. The aging population and rapid urbanization across Vietnam are fostering the growth of the Cosmetics Market. Also, the surge in Cosmetic spending is the resurgence of Natural Products, along with changing Consumers’ preferences towards Products that are made with Natural Ingredients. The growing demand for Natural Products is estimated to fuel the Vietnamese Cosmetic Market, and hence, Cosmetic Registration comes into the picture.

Drug Administration of Vietnam (DAV), the Cosmetic Health Authority, has adopted the guidelines of ASEAN Cosmetic Directive (ACD) and hence, the Cosmetics Regulations in Vietnam are in line with other Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN). Cosmetic Products being marketed in Vietnam are required to be compliant with these guidelines. The pathway of Cosmetics for entering Vietnam Market comprises of Product Compliance Check, Cosmetic Product Registration, and maintaining Product Information File (PIF). As per the Vietnam Cosmetic Regulations, Safety of Cosmetic Products is other mandate that should be followed by Cosmetic Companies entering Vietnam. Safety Assessment is documented in the form of Cosmetic Product Safety Report (CPSR), which is a key document of PIF and should be readily accessible to the DAV (Vietnam MoH/Vietnam Cosmetic Health Authority). An added advantage of marketing a Cosmetic Product in Vietnam or any other ASEAN country is that it gives an easy access to the remaining ASEAN markets because of the Harmonized Regulations. 70-80% of PIF which is already in use in Vietnam, can be reused to notify the same product in other ASEAN markets, which is a cost-effective and time-saving strategy.

As a proven Regulatory partner, Freyr assists manufacturers with Cosmetic Registration in Vietnam. Freyr has extensive experience in providing Regulatory services for Vietnam Cosmetics Registration.


Freyr Expertise

  • Classification of Products as per the DAV Regulations
  • Formulation Review and Claims Assessment
  • Label Review
  • Cosmetic Registration
  • CPSR Services
  • Preparation and Compilation of PIF
  • Regulatory Intelligence/Strategy