Cosmetics Regulatory Services in Russia

Cosmetics Regulatory Services in Russia

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The growing demand for Cosmetic and Personal Care Products makes Russia one of the most preferred Markets in the world. The current Cosmetics Legislation in Russia is called the Technical Regulation on the Safety of Cosmetic Products (CU TR 009/2011). These Regulations for Cosmetic Products in Russia came into force in 2012 and are managed by the Russian Ministry of Health (MoH). However, the same Cosmetic Regulations i.e., CU TR 009/2011 have been adopted by countries such as Kazakhstan, Belarus, Armenia, and Kyrgyzstan along with Russia to form the Eurasian Economic Union (EAEU), (formerly Customs Union) to create a Harmonized Regulation. For the sale of Cosmetic and Personal Care products in the Russian Market, it is crucial to have an EAEU-based Authorized Representative. The roles and responsibilities of the Representative are like that of the Responsible Person (RP) in the European Union (EU). The Representative is responsible for the Safety and Compliance of the Cosmetic Product and to maintain the Technical Documentation.

Cosmetic Products in Russia are classified into two (02) categories based on associated risks:

  • High-risk Products (Skin Whiteners, Tanning Products, Intimate Care Products, Baby Care, Straighteners, etc.) require a Pre-market Registration to validate their Safety.
  • Low-risk Products require a Declaration of Conformity (EAC declaration) to a body approved by the Rospotrebnadzor.

The Russian Cosmetic Registration process proves challenging for Brand Owners desiring seamless Market entry in Russia. As a proven Regulatory partner, Freyr provides Cosmetics Regulatory Services in Russia and supports Cosmetic Manufacturers to achieve Compliance with the Russian Cosmetic Regulations.


Freyr Expertise

  • Product Classification
  • Cosmetic Product Formulation Review/Cosmetic Ingredient Review
  • Label Review as per the Russian Cosmetic Labeling Regulations
  • Cosmetic Claims Review Documentation for EAC Declaration
  • Document Compilation for Cosmetic Product Registration, Cosmetic Product Notification, Cosmetic Product Safety Assessment, and Toxicology
  • Product Information File/Dossier/Technical Document Compilation
  • Legal Representation/Local Agent/Responsible Representative Services
  • Regulatory Intelligence Services
  • Go-to-market Regulatory Support
Freyr Advantages


Freyr Advantages


End-to-end cosmetic Regulatory consultation


Extensive partner network across the globe


Qualified team of experts with hands-on experience in skincare, haircare, infant care, oral care, beauty products, etc


A strong relationship with the health authority


Ensure compliance for formulation review, ingredient analysis, and claims review


A structured and cost-effective approach for an agile market entry for cosmetics