Cosmetics Regulatory Services in the EU

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The EU Cosmetics Registration process is regarded by some to be the most challenging, as far as the Global Markets go. We do not expect you to have it mastered when you first contact us – our dedicated team will take you through it step by step. We have done so with clients from every part of the world, small and large, across all categories of Cosmetic Products, such as, Skin Care, Hair Care, Infant Care, Oral Care, Beauty Products, etc.

Europe is one of the most preferred markets for Cosmetic Products in the world. The Notification of the Cosmetic Products in the region is monitored by the European Commission under the Regulation EC No. 1223/2009. The Regulation aims to harmonize the Notification Process of Cosmetics across the European Union (EU), covering all the 27 EU Member States along with Norway, Iceland, and Lichtenstein.

According to the Regulation EC No. 1223/2009, every Cosmetic Product, before being placed on the market, should have a Legal or Natural person in the EU known as EU Responsible Person (RP), who will oversee the Safety and Compliance of Documentation of the Cosmetic Product and maintains the Product Information File (EU PIF). The role and obligations of an RP are listed in detail under the Regulation EC No. 1223/2009. The Regulation also defines a Centralized Online Notification System (known as the Cosmetic Product Notification Portal (CPNP), wherein the Manufacturers must notify their Cosmetic Products to sell them in the entire EU.

Freyr, with exclusive offices in the EU (Germany) and the UK, supports New Market Entrants with EU Cosmetic Compliance and EU Cosmetic Labeling for Expedited Market entry. Freyr acts as Responsible Person (RP) throughout the EU and the UK.


Freyr Expertise

  • Product Classification
  • Cosmetics Testing Services - Stability Test, Challenge Test, Microbiology Test, Package Compatibility Test, Patch Test
  • Cosmetics Ingredients Review
  • EU Cosmetic Labeling Compliance and Artwork Creation
  • Cosmetic Claims Review
  • Claims Substantiation
  • CPSR Preparation
  • EU PIF Compilation
  • EU CPNP Cosmetics Notification
  • EU Responsible Person (RP) Services
  • Regulatory Intelligence
  • Strategic Regulatory Consulting
Freyr Advantages


Freyr Advantages


End-to-end cosmetic Regulatory consultation


Safety Assessment process performed in full, from label & formula review to creation of the full PIF, the CPSR and a CPNP notification


Dedicated Artwork Team to revamp your labels from one Regulatory format to another


Cost-effective Responsible Person service for both the continental Europe (RP address in Germany) & the United Kingdom.


Full lab testing capacity for physicochemical, stability & microbiology


Claim review & claim substantiation studies available