MFDS To Review Draft Amendments to South Korean Cosmetics Act

MFDS To Review Draft Amendments to South Korean Cosmetics Act

To strengthen the cosmetic product regulations in South Korea, the Ministry of Food and Drug Safety (MFDS) introduced six draft amendments in 2019. The amendments focus on various Regulatory aspects of cosmetic products such as manufacturing, scrutiny, labeling etc. The purpose of proposing these amendments is to ensure the distribution of safe and effective cosmetic products in South Korea and to help the consumers make informed decision at the time of purchase. So, what are these six amendments? Let’s take a look:

  1. Change in Labeling Requirement

    As per the current labeling requirements as per the South Korea Cosmetics Act, the label of a cosmetic product must reflect the information of a responsible distributor and manufacturer. The draft amendment suggests that change in requirement of the manufacturer’s information on the label from mandatory to optional. According to the amendment, the name and address of only the responsible distributor is required on the label packaging.

  1. Stringent Functional Cosmetic Regulations The new amendment proposes even stricter scrutiny for functional cosmetics distributed in South Korea. Failing to meet the requirements of the Regulatory authority or submitting false documents may lead to:
    • Prohibition of products from being sold in the market
    • Revoking business registration
  1. Custom Cosmetics Sales Report

    Earlier, the MFDS announced the classification of solid soaps, black hair powder, and hair removal wax as cosmetics. The changes were set to come into force from December 31, 2019. As per the recent amendment, solid soaps repackaged in less quantity or in the form of other cosmetics can be sold irrespective of customized sales registration. The decision is still under discussion and the industry consultation is open until February 5, 2020.

  1. Packaging of “Duty-Free” Cosmetics

    To remove illegal distribution of duty-free cosmetics, manufacturers are required to label “Duty-Free” on the primary as well as secondary packaging of the cosmetic products.

  1. Requirement of Expiry Date

    Manufacturers are required to provide accurate expiry date on the primary and secondary packaging of the products to help consumers easily make an informed decision.

  1. Change in Labeling Terminology

    Manufacturers are required to remove the medical terminologies used on the packaging.

To conclude the above-mentioned amendments are yet to be reviewed by the MFDS in 2020, they showcase a high-level perspective of how the regulations are being evolved in South Korea. In such a dynamic Regulatory world, it is essential for manufacturers to keep track of every update for better understanding and quick adoption. Stay compliant. Stay up-to-date.