EC’s New Regulation and Mandatory Deadlines For Plastic in Wet Wipes

EC’s New Regulation and Mandatory Deadlines For Plastic in Wet Wipes

Labeling and packaging are the two (2) important stages in the product lifecycle. They allow the consumers to know more about the product and understand its appropriate usage. From a manufacturer’s point of view, correct labeling helps in achieving compliance with the Regulatory bodies, defining the quality and providing statutory warnings to consumers. In this regard, it is quite crucial for a manufacturer to keep track and be cognizant of the changing Regulatory requirements across the globe.

 In December 2020, the European Commission published the Regulation (EU) 2020/2151, which sets out harmonized marking requirements for single-use plastic  products. Plastic and plastic products have been a constant threat to the marine environment and have far-reaching consequences on marine life. One such example is the pacific trash vortex - a garbage patch, a gyre of marine debris particles, in the central North Pacific Ocean. Considering such devastating effects on marine habitats, the updated regulation  is a much-needed change that will help in reducing marine waste.

 Key Points from the Updated Regulation:

  • The product that contains plastic should never be washed off due to its potentially harmful nature to the marine environment.
  • The Regulation applies to all the EU Member States from July 3, 2021.
  • The marking may be added as a sticker to all packaging of Wet Wipes placed on the market before July 4, 2021.
  • I would switch point 3 and 5 to retain chronology

The Regulation came into force in January 2021 and the required marking should be applied to all the EU Member states from July 3, 2021.

In the light of the updated requirements, Wet Wipe manufacturers should ensure that their products conform to the EU laws within the stipulated deadlines and therefore face no restrictions in the EU market. How precise is your knowledge of the updated Regulation? Consult a Regulatory expert to keep abreast of the defined deadlines. Stay informed. Stay updated.